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What have we found about small and mid size organizations?

Smaller organizations are focused on profit and will stand on their heads to keep their customers happy. They tend to think of business in more simplistic terms: buying and selling for a profit. They eliminate activities which are non-productive and invest in services which benefit the customer.
Smaller organizations donít want bureaucracy. Large organizations often develop bureaucratic structure to accommodate growth, then tend to lose touch with their customers. They then spend tremendous amounts on marketing to entice customers to buy. Smaller successful firms are in synch with their customers; they strategically avoid building layers between themselves and their customers.
Smaller organizations are quick to change. When the organization chart is flatter, those responsible for identifying opportunity or risk are also involved in problem solving, decision-making, and implementation. Success and failure are easy to spot.

Smaller organizations want self-directed employees who act like stake-holders. Self-directed, entrepreneurial employees are creative and productive. Smaller companies tend to need and reward these behaviors which support the three points above.
Smaller organizations hire consultants as resources to solve problems. Except in technology areas, large organizations often hire consultants to support some agenda. In these cases, consultants are engaged for their recommendations rather than for implementation. Smaller organizations are focused on profit and resource allocation; they hire consultants to solve problems and get work done.

We only work with small and mid size organizations.

We focus on solving problems by providing real, actionable, appropriate solutions. Then, we help implement those solutions to the extent you want. We do not make recommendations that sit on a shelf.

All our consultants have significant experience working with small - mid size organizations. They understand and consider the issues and view points that are unique to owners, major stakeholders, chief executive officers, or Boards of Trustees.
Our goal is to quickly fix or facilitate in the solution of the problem ñ not to prolong the project. Our long term relationships exist because our clients get fast, actionable and appropriate results.

In most cases, we can provide a consultant who is close to the clientís location. This proximity eliminates the wasted burden of travel time and expenses and provides help when you need it.

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